Delhi, India

I was in Delhi specifically for the Delhi Photography Festival. While I was there I also did some sight seeing. Here is a list of what I did and links so you can check them out.

Delhi Photography Festival  it is held bi-annually on the odd years. It is a fun adventure as the rickshaw wallahs wont know where  all of the art galleries are. If you are there to check out the festival you will have to head to the National Museum (which is not well kept by western standards, but if you like art its a great place) and the National Gallery of Modern Art. The National Gallery of Modern Art is a real gem of a museum. I would visit even if I was not there to look at photographs. The other locations can be found on the Delhi Photography Festival website.

I visited Humayun’s Tomb on a cloudy weekday afternoon. It was amazing! Out front young men were playing Cricket and inside the grounds it was peaceful. Not many visitors because of the it being a weekday. It costs rupees 250 to enter which is approx. USD 5.

Humayun's Tomb
Humayun’s Tomb

The Qutab Minar was my favorite place. I got there right when the grounds opened on a Saturday. Not many people were out early so it was quiet and I did not have to worry about people getting in the way of my pictures. I also relaxed for a while. It also costs rupees 250.

Qutab Minar
Qutab Minar

I road the subway out to the Qutab Minar. I suggest using it. It was safe, convenient and cheap. The one way trip from Connaught Place to the Qutab Minar station was only rupees 18. I did have to get an auto rickshaw from the station to the Qutab Minar complex. It is not that far so argue with them until you are only paying rupees 100 or less.

On my way back into the city center I stopped at Dilli Haat. It is a handicrafts market. It cost rupees 20 to get in. I only had rupees 18 in small bills, so they guy took it as he did not have change for a 100 rupee note. It was a nice place to relax and walk around. There are handicrafts and food from different regions. I did not buy anything but I did have a delicious Masala Dosa.

Connaught Place was my guide point. It is a shopping area composed of three streets in concentric circles and streets run through the circular streets to the middle. It has high end shopping both Indian and western. There is a Nike store, Starbucks, and McDonald’s. I am crazy and ate breakfast at McDonald’s every morning, because I was awake before everyone else. As for hanging out there it has its pros and cons. I had  drinks on a rooftop bar one evening and that was nice. McDonald’s was good for breakfast. But you are hounded while you are there. I was solo so men would constantly ask me were I was from and why I was there. It was obvious that some young men just hung around looking for foreign women to talk to. This did not happen in most other parts of the city.

I stayed in Paharganj. It is an old bazaar neighborhood that has attracted the backpacker. There are tons of budget hotels in the area. Some people would call the neighborhood a little seedy. I did not have any problems. I stayed at Cottage Yes Please. I thought it was fine. My sheets were clean, there was hot water, and free wifi. The people working there were no nonsense kind of guys. It cost rupees 950 a night. Which at the time was about USD 16. I will stay there next time I am in Delhi.

My most favorite place was across the street from Cottage Yes Please. Malhotra’s restaurant has the best Vegetable Korma ever. I ate there once a day. Yes I am a creature of habit, no matter where I am.

I also visited the Lodi Gardens. It is a nice relaxing place. No one stares at you or anything. I sat on a bench for 30 or 45 minutes with an elderly man listening to his radio. There was even an expat couple playing fetch with there dog. The main attraction are the tombs built for the 15th century Lodi rulers. It is free!

The most fun I had was on a bicycle tour by DelhiByCycle. It was super awesome. We went on a 3 hour tour of Old Delhi. I am not sure if I would have ventured into the narrow side streets of Old Delhi on my own. It was intimidating. There was the main guide and 2 others to keep us corralled. We had chi at a road side stand and had brunch at a Mughal restaurant. I signed up for the tour on and it was USD 36. They have other ways you can pay as well.

Bike Tour
Bike Tour

I also checked out India Gate. It is right by the museums. It is a triumphal arch which commemorates the soldiers who lost their lives in WWI. It is worth checking out.


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