Cows on the Run

The cows of Udaipur have gone crazy. Last Saturday, Meropi and I did a photo workshop. There was a young cow and it was milling about where we were. We had passed the cow and continued to an intersection where we turned up another street. We had walked a little way up the street and stopped to take some photos. I see the cow coming down the street. It was acting a little crazy and had a particular idea about where it wanted to go.

The cow wanted to go up this side ally. There was a woman standing there. She was trying to say out of the way of a man on a motorcycle. The man was parking the motorcycle right in front of the entrance to the side ally. The woman had to go around a motorcycle to protect herself from the cow. Once the man got off his motorcycle the cow barreled through, running full speed down the side ally. The cow almost ran a man over. It was quite a sight.

Yesterday, we were doing another photo workshop. In a local market there were three cows standing together eating. Two black ones and a white one. The bigger black one looked at us and started blowing air through its nose hard, making a sound, like it wanted to charge us. It was crazy. A man got in between us and the cow.

We walked up the road and got some chai. As we were siting drinking the chai, we look up and the cow is right in front of us. A man got it to go back down the street a little, but the cow turned around and was just watching Meropi. She antagonized the cow. She was talking to it, “My name is Meropi, come and get me.” So funny. The cow came back up the street. When we got ready to continue walking a man got in between us and the cow so we could pass.

I think the heat is getting to the animals. They are going nuts. I hope we do not run into this cow again. I do not want it to hurt anyone.


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