Sixth Week in India.

I have not written in this blog for a while. But here I am trying again. Oh man, it looks like I made a post on December 1, 2015. I forgot. In that post I mentioned that I was going to return to India for a longer period of time. Well, here I am. I have been in India just over six weeks now. I have been in Udaipur, Rajasthan for just over five weeks.

Transitioning to life in India is difficult. I have always lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. Here I am 34 years old and move to India. Many things have been happening to me since I got here. Some of the scenario’s are fun, some sad, some ridiculous. I like to write, so I thought I would share my stories here (or try to anyway). I also have a more academic blog, I am currently failing miserably at that blog as well. It takes a lot of time to write articles there because research is involved. This might be easier as it is free form.

Today was nice. I primarily helped a friend, Meropi, with her website. She has to go home to renew her visa next month and she is leaving me to work in her coffee shop. So, I also had a coffee making lesson today. The website was kind of a pain. The company that she uses to make the site is much less user friendly than wix, which is what I use for my artist website.

For dinner we headed across town to a restaurant called Zucchini. It is an Italian restaurant. That’s right Udaipur has a proper Italian restaurant or so they want you to think. We got there with no problem (as trying to find places can be difficult here). We walked inside and the decor was not exactly Italian. It was a cool contemporary space. Dark wood, black table tops, white dishes, and minimal buddha and lotus flower cutouts on the walls.

The menu offers Italian and Indian of course. We ordered Italian as we have Indian often, as I am sure you can imagine. For starters, we got fried mozzarella sticks and ricotta and zucchini balls (these were fried as well). It was obvious from the start that these items were straight from the freezer but we gave them a try. The were not terrible but they were not good either. But the cheese was in fact melted. Furthermore, here in India you can not find a variety of cheese. They have one kind, Amul, and it is a white cheese. I was excited just to have some other kind of cheese, I did not much care if it was from the freezer or not.

For the main course, we ordered a margarita pizza and spinach cannelloni. Again the cannelloni was straight out of the freezer. It was not so great. It had to much spinach and not enough cheese or sauce. The pizza was the best part. It had thin crust, which is what I prefer, not to much pizza sauce, plenty of cheese and a tomato slice on each. It also had olive oil on it, which we do not do in the United States.

To drink we had water and a beer. Beer is not on the menu, so clearly they are not supposed to be selling it. But hey, we are foreigners so who are we going to tell.

Meropi and I discussed the food during and after eating. She is from Greece, so she is neighbors with Italy. Obviously, the food was not up to her standards. I worked at an Italian restaurant back in the States and the food is not up to American standards either. However, I can give the restaurant a little slack. It is an Indian run restaurant and India is not known for showcasing other countries cuisine.

We left the restaurant and got a rickshaw back home. The night was pleasant, nice breeze, nice temperature. I saw a little of the city I had not seen before. I really do love India at night. It is calmer and the breeze carries the fantasy of India on its current.

Now I am home writing this post wondering what adventure tomorrow will bring.


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