Leading up the the Move #01

A little over a month ago I came home from a trip to India, Nepal and Italy. I was in India for an artist residency. I was supposed to spend a month in Udaipur, Rajathan to make art. Which I did, and you can read about making the art on my other blog, southasianphoto.com. However, during that month I also made many friends. One special person in particular who proposed a business opportunity to me. So this April I am going to move to Udaipur.

This is crazy. Actually it is a dream come true. For about the last four years I have been plotting to live somewhere besides the United States. My first choice of countries was and is India, as it is my first love. However, I did not think I would be able to move to India. So I am delighted.

It is perfect because from India I can pursue my art and my passion for South Asian photography. This blog is just sort of a journal, however, my other blog is more serious in terms of my desire for the content to be a meaningful contribution to the knowledge of South Asian photography. I am hoping that from India I will have more opportunity both in terms of material and time to make that blog a success.

Perhaps this one can be more successful as well. As this one was originally intended to document my travels to South Asia. However, I did not make a single post when I went to Bangladesh back in January and I made a conscious decision to make blog posts on my other blog during my most recent journey.

I go through phases where I will journal and times where I will not, so as the move to India comes ever closer I am hoping to make using this blog as a journal a regular practice in my life. This way I can continue blogging about my time in India and my travels through South Asia while I am there.

Everyday my thoughts are consumed with things surrounding the move. People in Udaipur, people in Texas, all my stuff that I have to sort through and get rid of, my poodle dog and every other thing someone deals with when they are moving.

I have started going through things. I have taken three or four bags of stuff to the Goodwill (a charity organization). I also have three or four bags of book to take to Half-Price Books (a bookstore that buys used books to re-sell them). But I can not part with my photography theory books or my books on South Asian photography. I am trying to figure out how to get them to India. 🙂

I guess that is all for now. Until next time…..


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