I spent the afternoon making sure I had everything together to send in my Indian Visa application. I am going to mail it all off tomorrow. This will be my third trip to India and the third different company I have dealt with in getting a visa. First, I used Travisa. It was great! Everything work exactly as it was supposed to. Second, back in 2013, the Indian government took on the challenge themselves. It was a nightmare. You could not get in touch with anyone. You called, no one answered and their voice mailbox was permanently full. After they had had my passport about 5 weeks, I finally got a hold of someone who told me that I had not provided return shipping. However, I had provided it, it was in the same parcel as everything else. I was told I could mail new return shipping or come pick it up in person. I drove down to Houston about a week before I left to get my passport. When I got there I found out I needed a copy of my drivers license, so I had to go across the street and get it as they apparently did not have a photo copier there. Seem strange. Back I went. I took a seat. One of the female employees went into another room and got a bundle of passports. I sat there sweating as she handed one to everyone else. She finally handed mine to me second to  last. Relief flooded my body as then I knew I could go on my trip!!

Now there is another company in charge. Seems good so far. I was able to pay online so I did not have to mail a money order. The paper work was easily accessible and I could pay online for return shipping through Fedex. So I am praying that all goes smoothly.

Another thing that was new, is now you can only apply for a ten year multiple entry visa. That is fine I guess as I wont have to apply again for awhile, but my passport expires in four years.

Every time I apply for a visa I get nervous. What if they wont let me in!?! I am sure it will be fine. I will let you know when I get my passport back.


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