21 Days and Counting

There are only 21 days until I leave for Dhaka! Today I performed a trial pack of my backpack. Everything seems to be in order. I purchased a new camera since it was on sale. 🙂 My background is in photography and I want to be able to take great pictures. My new camera, 3 lenses, spare underwear, socks, a scarf, Kindle, journal, Lonely Planet guides for Bangladesh and Istanbul, chargers and power adapters are all in the backpack. Oh and a travel pillow that can go around your neck or can be made straight for lower back support. I believe snacks and toothbrush are all that need to be added.

There should be plenty of extra space in my bag. I do not like taking a lot of cloths. I prefer to buy them when I get there. I like South Asian cloths and I am excited to buy my first sari with my mom! I still have to figure out what I am going to wear exactly in Istanbul. I do not want to carry a jacket.

All I need to buy is mosquito repellant, aspirin, and pepto-bysmol (just in case).

On another note….

Today I finished reading a book, Culture Smart! Bangladesh. It was a nice easy read about the history and cultural norms of Bangladesh. Somethings like eating with your right hand are the same as in India, so I should not have a problem. Other things will be new. It will all be new to my mother, so this will be a fun adventure.


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