Planning, Planning, Planning


I am a huge planner. I like to plan everything. I need a loose plan, so I have got an idea of what I am going to do and how much money I need. A few days ago I purchased my Ticket to India. 🙂 Now I have the dates I will be there. I arrive in Mumbai September 2, 2015 and return home October 29, 2015. The best part is I got a super great deal on the ticket, under a thousand dollars!

Since booking the plane ticket I have gotten to work figuring out the train schedules. I feel like they are the safest way to travel long distances in India (have you seen IRT: Deadliest Roads?). Drivers really do approach the road in that way in India. Once in Mumbai, my taxi driver missed a right hand turn. No, he did not go around the block or make a U-turn at the next intersection. He just threw the car in reverse!  I love India 🙂

Here is my tentative plan. Arrive in Mumbai and go shopping at the Cotton Cottage. I am going to be in Udaipur from September 5 to October 5. Then head to Jaipur for a couple of days. Next head to Agra, and finally see the Taj Mahal. Then a short trip to Khajuraho, to see the famous Hindu temples with carvings of sexual acts. From Khajuraho, I will go to Varanasi and explore this very old and traditional city. Then take the train to Delhi, switch to a bus to Rishikesh and take in this hippie town. Then back down to Delhi for the Delhi Photography Festival. And Lastly, return to Mumbai.

Now I still need to get that pesky Typhoid vaccination.


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