Three months till Bangladesh

Today marks three months until my mom and I head to Istanbul and then on to Dhaka! I have finally e-mailed a local tour guide. I am not sure how I feel about it. Its probably a good idea, especially since English is much less spoken in Bangladesh. My mom seems to feel better about the idea of going out with a tour guide to get the lay of the land. We will see if he responds.

Well one more thing on my to-do list checked off. We have our plane tickets and a hotel reservation (hopefully). I wont stay in any five star hotel, I am just not that kind of traveler. I found what I think is a decent local hotel (it was in the Lonely Planet guide). When I tried to book the room their website was down, so I e-mailed them. They sent me a confirmation e-mail. I will have to confirm closer to the trip!

So what is left on my to-do list for this trip? Get my Typhoid booster! Ugg…


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